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More Squeeeeeee for the buck!

July 17, 2010

Some good news up here in North Dakota, The family will be joining me at the end of the month, not the three months we were worried about.

The big problem with this job is the lack of available housing. We knew that when we first started looking into it. Homes, (for rent) are in short supply here. That should read, nearly non-existent. However, in a surprise that is really on par with how easy this whole change has been going, Joanne located a place for us that is a half a block away from where I am working now. In the coming months, they will be building a new yard, but even then it will only be about three to four miles away. And best of all, we are moving in at the end of the month! Yea!

They are letting me take two extra days off to go back home and get them moved out here, then after that, I get to hug my family every time I get home.

Oh, and on another note, Joanne got a dog for us. An Australian Sheppard named Macy. The kids all love her and she is really well behaved. As long as she accepts me as part of the family too, this will be great.

I have never had a dog of my own. Growing up, all our dogs were either the “family” dog, or one of my brother’s. Yes, I know that this is a “family” dog too, but the difference, this is MY family. I worry that I am going to spoil her rotten.