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June 4, 2010

Okay, I guess I should start with the fact that I left the trucking company I was working for just over two and a half weeks ago. I was never home, or when I was home it was much to short. I wasn’t earning enough for our family. On top of that, they were making me liable for things that should not have been my responsibility. When the safety guy told me that I should have let the car I avoided hit me instead as then the insurance would pay for it, that was the last straw.

Despite that, walking out on them felt horrible. I don’t quit. I will suffer for a long time, but for me to quit is rare. My dad taught me, you just don’t do that. It pains me even more knowing that it left them in a bad spot. But it had to be done.

These last two weeks I have been trying to find another job. One that was local, didn’t pay by the mile, and most importantly, where I felt valued. Early on there were two that looked really promising. However, after many delays on their part, I was starting to sweat mightily. Then my wife found a company online, (by accident, she was searching for a different company completely) and we checked them out.

Turns out they are the recruiting company for an oilfield service company that is expanding in North Dakota. Yes, you read right, North Dakota, as in NORTH of South Dakota, touching the border of Canada, and home of some of the coldest temperatures in the continental United States. (Sorry Alaska, you can’t play, you’re part of the arctic circle, unfair advantage.)

Now the job is not a cushy one, but it is one I know I can do. It pays well, but I would be separated from my family for at least four months, before I would be able to move them up to live with me. But, after that, I would be home every day, and of course, they offer great benefits. Short term pain, long term benefits and growth. It was a tough choice.

We prayed long and hard, and I even spent a day fasting and praying at Temple Square.  We decided that it is the right course.

This morning, I got a call early for a final phone interview, and at the end of it they offered me the position! I am so excited, yet nervous. It is going to be hard, but I know it is the right thing for our whole family. I am going to miss my wife and kids while we have to be apart, but I know that we will all be better for it in the end.

Now I just have to wait for the paperwork to arrive tomorrow, and then, Sunday, I will fly down to Texas for training!